An applicant needs to demonstrate strong continuing ties to their home country when applying for a non-immigrant visa such as a B-1/B-2 visitor visa. The U.S. State Department indicated that this is necessary even for those Ukrainians who are fleeing from the war. Under current laws, if an applicant is unable to demonstrate their intent to return to a residence abroad after a defined visit to the U.S., the application must be rejected. As difficult as this may be for some applicants to demonstrate at this time, this requirement to show evidence of intent to return to the home country remains in place.

Evidence showing intent to return could include a letter from an employer, a recent paycheck from a job, an apartment rented or house owned in their home country, enrollment in a school, or the presence of close family in the home country. Other evidence that shows the temporary purpose of the trip, such as attending a wedding, funeral, or other event may also be helpful.