The Ukraine Immigration Task Force is an educational nonprofit organization that seeks to help Ukrainians fleeing war find refuge in the United States. Our legal volunteers number over 100 attorneys who represent a broad spectrum of immigration and related practices. We also have volunteers and nonprofit partners that aid newcomers with social services , resettlement assistance, and social advocacy.

Our Ukraine Immigration Task Force was established in March 2022 as a volunteer legal coalition to provide displaced Ukrainians and their support networks with timely guidance and practical resources on U.S. immigration processes. Our work includes publishing materials on immigration law, educating Ukrainians on their immigration options, informing the public of regulatory updates, providing webinars and clinics, assisting with technical questions, and consulting with nonprofits that serve the Ukrainian-American community.

We also collaborate with resettlement agencies, refugee assistance groups, federal and local governments, and Ukrainian-American groups to help new arrivals access resources in various cities. Additionally, we partner with other nonprofits to work on grant-funded projects that further our mission.

We assist Ukrainians with the U.S. immigration process by:

  • interacting with the Ukrainian and American communities to learn issues affecting Ukrainians seeking refuge in the United States
  • providing guidance and clarification on key immigration topics in multiple languages
  • informing the legal community, policymakers, and the general public about relevant legal developments affecting Ukrainians
  • partnering with national and local organizations to offer webinars, legal clinics, and pro bono assistance
  • communicating with agencies and government leaders to provide input and receive timely updates
  • advocating for regulatory improvements to the immigration process

To see some of our upcoming and past programs, visit our upcoming Events and recorded Webinars pages.

Our advocacy initiatives include:

  • expediting employment authorizations
  • adjusting TPS eligibility dates and expediting applications
  • expanding options for permanent residence through asylum, refugee programs, immigrant visas, and other pathways
  • ensuring safe and efficient entry for adults and minors
  • communicating consular challenges encountered by Ukrainians abroad
  • informing Ukrainians and their support networks of health requirements in the U.S. and access to health services
  • raising awareness about abuse and exploitation of newly arriving Ukrainians
  • educating the public about risks of victimization facing vulnerable Ukrainians, particularly women and children

For more information about our advocacy initiatives, visit our Advocacy page