The U.S. government does not offer any benefits or financial assistance to individuals who are here on a B1/B2 tourist/visitor visa. This visa is not designed for those seeking permanent residence or who are entering the U.S. for humanitarian reasons. It is possible that some municipalities have resources available for U.S. residents who meet certain criteria such as poverty or having minor-aged children.

Certain private or non-profit organizations may offer individuals assistance with food, shelter, or necessities during their visit to the U.S. Here is a partial list of organizations and community groups helping displaced Ukrainians in the U.S.:



New York City: 


New Jersey: 




Catholic Charities: 

HIAS Resettlement Partners: 

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services: 

Nova Ukraine Resources: 

Temporary Lodging – I Can Help Host: 

Temporary Lodging – Ukraine Take Shelter: 

Temporary Lodging – Airbnb: