A U.S. sponsor must initiate the “Uniting for Ukraine” application process by filing Form I-134 (Declaration of Financial Support) with USCIS and providing information about themselves and the Ukrainian they wish to sponsor. Sponsors will be vetted by the U.S. government to ensure that they are able to support the Ukrainian and help protect them from potential exploitation.

Along with the application, the sponsor needs to submit an affidavit of support, financial documents confirming income, and a statement of assets. Sponsors must pass a security and background check. Each sponsor must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to “receive, maintain, and support” the Ukrainians they commit to support.

Examples of the types of support for beneficiaries that supporters should keep in mind when considering their ability to meet this commitment include:

  • Receiving the beneficiary upon arrival in the United States and transporting them to initial housing;
  • Ensuring that the beneficiary has safe and appropriate housing for the duration of the parole and initial basic necessities;
  • As appropriate, assisting the beneficiary in completing necessary paperwork such as that related to employment authorization, social security card, and for services for which they may be eligible;
  • Ensuring that the beneficiary’s health care and medical needs are met for the duration of the parole; and
  • As appropriate, assisting the beneficiary with accessing education, learning English, securing employment and enrolling children in school.