1. Purchase a Local SIM card

Upon arrival, you will need to buy an American SIM card so that you can receive calls from government agencies and resettlement organizations that will assist you.

  1. Download Your Form I-94

This is a document that shows the date you entered the United States, the status in which you were admitted to the country, and the date until which you can legally stay in the country.

  1. Apply for a Social Security Number (SSN)

SSN – this is a unique number that is issued to you in the U.S. once in a lifetime. This number is used to track your work experience and should be kept private.

  1. Apply for a Work Permit / Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

An official document that allows you to work legally.

  1. Apply for Federal and/or State Benefits

Government (state or federal) benefits for individuals and families in need – SNAP, Cash assistance, etc. Calculated and approved individually.

  1. Apply for Medicaid or Other Health Insurance

Health insurance is issued to all Ukrainians in need who have been admitted to the country under humanitarian parole/U4U, as well as those with TPS status.

  1. Test for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis screening is mandatory and must be completed within 90 days of arrival.

  1. Open a Bank Account

You need to open a checking account. You can open an account at almost any bank – usually, one or two ID cards are required for this.

  1. Enroll Children in School and Complete Required Children’s Vaccinations

To enroll in an American school, the child will be accepted at any time of the school year. There you will be given a list of vaccinations that the child must have.

  1. Look for Housing Rentals

There is a lot of demand for housing in the region and prices are high. Be proactive and connect to community networks.

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